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Message to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

Over the past decade, ten software companies, from every continent, have joined Axway. These acquisitions, contributing to the Company's growth and geographic expansion, have enabled Axway to strengthen its teams, develop its portfolios of offerings and enhance its skills. They have also enabled the Company to rise to new challenges in serving its customers.

The software market is currently undergoing a period of dramatic transformation. The business model for companies in this sector, traditionally based on the trio of "Licenses – Maintenance – Services", is being called into question by the arrival of the cloud and SaaS. As for the digital revolution, which affects all organizations and companies, it is driving fundamental changes in software offerings.

While strengthening the Company's fundamentals, Jean-Marc Lazzari who has just successfully completed his first full year as Axway's Chief Executive Officer has made the necessary changes to adapt its business model and positioned the Company to gain maximum advantage from the digital revolution. Under his leadership, Axway has drawn up an ambitious transformation plan. I have complete confidence that he will successfully deliver on this important step in the Company’s development.

To accelerate the effect of this transformation, I encourage Axway in its efforts to create an ecosystem with its partners ready to continue the actions taken within the Company. The search for synergies and reciprocal contributions with the various entities in the Sopra Steria Group is a natural development with this same aim. I am particularly convinced that close collaboration between Axway and Sopra Steria will enable the Company to seize the formidable opportunities in redesigning IT systems presented in the banking sector.

Lastly, I keep a close eye on the values, both in terms of governance and corporate responsibility, that all Axway's managers and employees must continue to uphold. These constitute the basis for the confidence that the Company instils in its customers, its partners and its shareholders.

Boosted by its strengths, fully aware of the challenges presented by the digital revolution, and determined to continue and even expand its own transformation, Axway has every reason to be confident in 2017.


Pierre PasquirPierre Pasquir
Chairman of the Board of Directors 

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