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Message to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

The stock market introduction of Axway − worldwide publisher of middleware software programs, independent and a trusted partner of major corporations − originated in 2011 from the desire by the shareholders of the Sopra Group, which has since become Sopra Steria, to give the resources to this entity to manage its development over the long term.

This introduction is part of a project whose roots are historical and whose principal stages were the decision to develop, within Sopra, software activities in the 1980s and the transfer of these activities into subsidiary in 2001, as well as the completion of a dozen successive acquisitions on the US and European markets. All of this made the stock market introduction of Axway in June 2011 possible.

The recognition, in 2015, of a middleware market undergoing a profound change and a digital revolution which is transforming the majority of the client companies, is changing the landscape and led me to request that a strategic review be carried out in order to formalize a new development plan which incorporates an analysis of the positioning and usage of the Axway offering on the market for digital integration software.

As part of this, Jean-Marc Lazzari joined Axway as Chief Executive Officer and provided it with his solid experience as a ”Corporate Entrepreneur”. He quickly took in hand the definition and execution of a new strategy for Axway and has already changed the operational units and the vectors for development. He has my full confidence and that of the Board of Directors to manage this new stage of the Company’s development.

I am naturally counting on the support of all those who have accompanied us during recent years and then persuaded that we will join those who, like me, are convinced of the importance of the digital revolution in our societies’ economies. 


Pierre PasquirPierre Pasquir
Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors 

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