Investor Relations

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Axway’s main Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenges are linked to its Software Editor activities and eco-efficient IT challenges: low consumption of energy, raw materials, and easily recyclable.
  • Axway’s values have led the company to adopt “virtuous” forms of behavior in the social, environmental and societal spheres:
    • Respecting employees through appropriate working conditions, developing employees’ skills and employability, non-discrimination and adherence to principles of fairness
    • Providing outstanding service to clients thanks to a focus on excellence in the accomplishment of day-to-day responsibilities
    • Safeguarding the environment by limiting pollution and the depletion of natural resources
    • Treating suppliers transparently and fairly in terms of relationships and working methods.
  • Axway’s approach aims to reconcile efficiency with social fairness and respect for the environment.
  • It is a continuous improvement process. To this end, a community was created on Axway’s corporate social network site to promote and share our approach to corporate social responsibility.

Axway renews the ECOVADIS label


 - Registration Document Extract


Axway is participant to the United Nation Global Compact.


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